The Knight Family – Alaska Family Photography

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The Knight family and I got together for an photographic outing using Alaskan mountains and wildflowers as our backdrop. This required a little magic since we have had so much rain this summer – but as luck would have it, the weather gods were smiling down on us as the lighting was soft and the sun peeked through now and then to give us wonderfully sweet back lighting. I am very happy with the results from our family session. We captured loads of fabulous photographs together. The twin girls are just 2 and though a bit shy, I think they had fun. Great collaboration folks. Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph grandma and grandpa’s special visit. See more photographs: renee vanni images

The color from our day was simply scrumptious but I will be using some vintagey finishes for momma, such as the one below with mimi and Juliette. Do you like this one? I sure do.

I must say that I adore this one with Lyla hopping like a bunny with grandpa. The girls will have wonderful memories to share with their grandparents from this day.

This handsome couple below is straight color. I overexposed just a bit to get the color I wanted but the pic below that has a titch of vintage finish. I have not settled on the vintage process yet. I am enjoying playing and may come up with another I like better.

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