Allison Baker Class of 2013 – Alaska Senior Photography

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I have been having a blast photographing teens for their senior photographs. I recently placed a call out looking for some teens that would allow me to try some new things. Allison was the perfect model for me. When she told me she loves vintage wear, I could not wait to photograph with her! She told me that her lovely vintage dresses were provided by Beehive Beauty Shop in Wasilla. I must get out there for a visit!

Allison is obviously creative, she did her own hair and makeup. She is is simply lovely and I adore her gorgeous hair. Mom, Trisha came with her so I put mom to work. It was a fun day for me and I hope the girls had a memorable day of shooting with Renee Vanni Images. Call now to schedule your own personal shoot. t 907 240 8910. You can also email me: Your blog comments are always appreciated. Thank you kindly.

This shot below is my usual color process and the one just below it is a vintage twist.

I asked Allison to lay on the ground, and she obliged! This shot below is straight color then just below that one, is a teeny vintage change.

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    Phenomenal photography.

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    You really have talent.

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    I will always keep coming back to your website. Magnificent material.

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    I like your talent.

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    Really nice body of work.

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