Fall Family Sessions in Alaska – Special Offer.

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Fall is just around the corner. Now is the time to reserve your Fall photo session. Our colorful Fall season is very short here in Anchorage, Alaska town. It is my most favorite time of all for photographing families and high school seniors.

Something special to consider, a stylized shoot such as this family vintage shoot we did in an apple orchard last Fall. Remember that we gift our military families 10% for all sessions and products. Please visit my website renee vanni images or find me on my Facebook business page and click on the Like Us button. Help me to spread the word.

Allison Baker Class of 2013 – Alaska Senior Photography

Visit our website here:   renee vanni images. Call us here: t 907 240 8910  email us here: vannimages@yahoo.com

I have been having a blast photographing teens for their senior photographs. I recently placed a call out looking for some teens that would allow me to try some new things. Allison was the perfect model for me. When she told me she loves vintage wear, I could not wait to photograph with her! She told me that her lovely vintage dresses were provided by Beehive Beauty Shop in Wasilla. I must get out there for a visit!

Allison is obviously creative, she did her own hair and makeup. She is is simply lovely and I adore her gorgeous hair. Mom, Trisha came with her so I put mom to work. It was a fun day for me and I hope the girls had a memorable day of shooting with Renee Vanni Images. Call now to schedule your own personal shoot. t 907 240 8910. You can also email me: vannimages@yahoo.com. Your blog comments are always appreciated. Thank you kindly.

This shot below is my usual color process and the one just below it is a vintage twist.

I asked Allison to lay on the ground, and she obliged! This shot below is straight color then just below that one, is a teeny vintage change.

Amber Boles & Matthew Pederson Have Married!

Oh my gosh . . . Amber and Matt have just married in the historic town of Sumpter, Oregon. Sometimes there is a couple that I just cannot wait to photograph with and I have been waiting all year for this wedding! I met Amber when I covered another destination wedding in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. She is incredibly artistic, vivacious, bodaciously beautiful and Matt is an artist, an accomplished musician, one heck of a great guy and a lot of fun to be around. He is handsome too, but he says I say that to all the boys. . . These two are so perfect together, kind, loving & new found friends. I love to cover destination weddings because it’s basically 3 days of coverage. So in that 2-3 days, I really get to know the couple, their family & friends. It’s always a blast and I am deeply honored that Matt & Amber asked me to photograph their special day. I have a wonderful short story of their wedding day posted for you and would love to hear your comments. I am sure that the couple would also appreciate any well wishes you wish to leave here. They are currently enjoying a roadtrip honeymoon. Your email will not be posted.

Eastern Oregon is undeniably gorgeous country. I love cowboy country! The image below shows straight from camera to show you how gorgeous the area really is and I spiced it up slightly just below that. Wow.

I cannot do too much to this incredible beauty but just a pinch of spice.

Amber’s father, Steve Boles, hung a hook in his tree for me so that I could showcase Amber’s wedding dress. Amber’s parents hosted the ceremony with about 120 people on their own property in Sumpter. Then the party was held in Sumpter’s fairgrounds. So many of the couple’s family and friends worked really hard to have such absolute perfection! The bride’s dress design is Martina Liana.

The Bride made her own bouquet and this art piece was a compilation of many vintage jewelry pieces. The small watch clock – set to the time of their ceremony. I tell you, Amber & Matt thought of every minute detail to make this event magnificent. It appeared as though the wedding couple and their party stepped out of of a time warp from an era long ago.

Even their invitations were all hand made.

Simply gorgeous. The Brides’s hair artist, Amber Lott is very talented as well. The bride kept her hairdresser & friend, on hand to change into several hair styles. Amber Lott can be found under Looks Unlimited Salon & Spa of Boise, Idaho. She provided the hair for the entire wedding party and parents.

The ladies each wore a truly vintage dress that was accompanied by purses and jewelry that Amber has collected.

Below, is the bride, her mother, Jan Boles on the left of her, and Jan’s sisters, Jean and Jane to her right. All of the ladies below are so creative and hand made everything, from the hair embellishments, shoe clips, boutonnieres, florals. You see it, they made it. Amber and her parents collected many antiques for the space. You can certainly see all the same eyes in this family shot.

Below is both mom’s of the couple, Jan and Karen – preparing to put on their son’s boutonnieres.

Matt Pederson, his best man, Craig Pederson, Wade Landa and Matt Boles in shades.

The bride arrived by an old chevy truck, painted a perfect shade of blue, that her parents own. I snuck up to get a shot of the bride as dad walked around the back to come get her for their aisle walk. I caught Amber turning away, sipping a bit of Pendletons. Let me tell you, everyone in the small church burst into laughter. I don’t know if Amber knew they could see her . . . nah . . .  knowing Amber, it was planned to perfection. Hysterical.

Amber’s father, Steve Boles is also very creative. He painstakingly placed and hung every piece of vintage furniture & items for his daughters’ ceremony site after he cleared the property’s shop that had been filled floor to ceiling with antiques! He told me it took every day for a month to get it right. Now that is love. He also built the platform the couple and Nick are standing on for the ceremony. How special is that?

The ceremony was officiated by their good friend, Nick.

One of the unique elements of the ceremony, was their “unity tree” where upon Matt had some dirt imported from his ancestral land and Amber also had dirt from her own familial land. They each scooped dirt from those 2 buckets into their chosen pine tree. That tree will be planted on their own property to grow.

And with a big clanging of the bell, the couple walks from the ceremony as Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Pederson!

Well . . . I don’t think this is what mom, Tatum had in mind when she asked me to be sure and capture a photograph of her little girl, Maggi. That is plain ol’ Oregon dirt. Not chocolate.

How can you not love this face!

And off they go. Congratulations to Amber and Matthew Pederson! What a blast.

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