Blushing Blooms of Alaska

I had so much fun photographing the lovely Jessica Kiehner, of Blushing Blooms, in Wasilla, Alaska. It was a gorgeous day and a fun excuse to capture some images for Jessica’s business portfolio. She is a very talented floral designer and limits her business to weddings & events exclusively. Be sure to tell your friends about Blushing Blooms florist! Jessica’s energy is vivacious and bubbly fun.¬†All of these images are straight from camera and the¬†colours of the day were so perfect that I chose not to edit anything at all. Thank you Miss Jessica! I enjoyed photographing with you.

Well, I did twist the colour a bit in this single image.

At one point, I told her, take a peek at your hair for me before I shoot this next shot. Without hesitation, she picks up a silver platter from her floral work space and primps, sending me into laughter. What a fun and talented lady.

I watched Jessica put together 2 of the most perfect bridal bouquets. Just gorgeous simplicity. I enjoyed watching her create her works of art.