Stunning Fall Bride

I recently photographed this gorgeous woman in some of my favorite Fall locations for a fun Bridal Shoot. Miss Shannon is obviously quite lovely so every shot was incredibly easy for me. I mean, how could I go wrong? We had so much fun together. We headed down to Westchester and just happened across this lounge chair in the woods. So, so funny . . . Well, of course it belonged to another photographer. The very talented Samantha Gawrys of ISG.  We asked if we could sit in her chair and she was kind enough to oblige us. Very nice lady. Thanks Samantha, I really enjoyed meeting you! I hope that your session was as much fun as ours was. What an incredible day & fun lighting. By the way, comments and feedback are always appreciated! Thank you.

A Fall Bridal Shoot

Fall is full on on in Anchorage, Alaska and it is gorgeous! I love this time of year and it is my favorite season. I have been playing in the leaves a lot lately shooting engagements, families and the little ones. Super fun and I am as giddy as a little girl.

I have a wedding to photograph today, on Columbus Day Holiday. It will be at a gorgeous home on the lake front and with the colours we have right now it shall be very romantic. I am hoping for a bit more of our misty rainy scene to add to the romance of the day . . . I cannot wait!

This is a bridal shoot we lined up recently and I loved what we captured together! What do you think, is it fun stuff? You summer brides cannot get these delish colours and dark, curley tree trunks. Time for java. Enjoy.

So even though my model is stunning, this is my favorite image of the day.

And just one more because we can.