Venice Beach Flash Class

I was in Venice Beach, California for a course I wanted to take with  Julia Dean Workshops.  It was a great week and we were in LA during torrential rains and flooding. The board walk was pretty quiet, due to the rains and I liked that just fine, since I really do not like crowds. The course was intensive and since my old brain does not absorb as quickly as it used to, it was a tough study for me but I am thrilled I had the opportunity to take the class. Dori came with me so we made a girls trip of it and our evenings were free to discover this eclectic liberal town. I loved it and want to go back. Julia Dean is a fantastic soul and really a very good teacher. If you get the opportunity, you photographers really should consider taking one of her workshops.  Dori and I really enjoyed her laid back, fun, teaching style.

Pieces of Skagway, Alaska

I was in Skagway, Alaska last September photographing a wedding. I enjoyed that weekend, hanging out with my bride and her family. My friend, Gayla, came along with me to assist and then we extended our time to enjoy the area.  That whirlwind day was over quickly and I spent the next couple of days enjoying photographing parts of Skagway, Alaska. We also flew to Juneau and stayed over a couple of days. I will plan to post a few pics from Juneau in another posting.

I walked all over Skagway, exploring and taking photographs. I came upon this wooden fence. I have never seen anything like it. Someone painstakingly cut out these heart holes, painted and attached the filler hearts in red. What a treat! I took the two pics I shot below and played a bit with some graphics and I loved the colours. Photoshop can truly be an addicting medium. Enjoy.

La vita è bella – Life is Beautiful

I realize that I have not been on my blog in quite some time. I actually enjoy writing posts and including photographs, but I have just been completely crazed. As usual, I always have so much going on. I feel like I never really caught up after spending a week in Las Vegas with every other photographer in the country. I just completed a re-do of my new client room. I found the most perfect chandelier and I just love it. What do you think? Isn’t it fun? I painted a very pale blue colour wash on the walls over some white – just right for spring. And as you can see, we have a new look to our blog!

Business is great as ever – I have weddings coming up, some maternity sessions, several women’s intimate sessions and a newborn shoot just around the corner. How fun is that! I had just completed my new wedding website and now my new Lifestyle Website is about to go live and it will replace my current one. So keep checking back for that. I also just completed a new wedding brochure design and am awaiting for that to come from the printers. That was a lot of fun for me. At the same time, I have a new website dedicated to high school seniors so that is all consuming! Oh, how I want it to look hip and contemporary so the young adults don’t think I am sooo old! Anyone who knows me, knows I am not exactly computer ‘techy’ so all of this takes an incredible amount of time and energy. I am not complaining, as busy as it is, I love it! This path in life is so perfectly enjoyable. Of course, I just spent time with family for Easter. I find that Easter eggs are just so colourful that I almost want to keep a basket full of them someplace! It is too much fun watching the little ones go crazy over hunting for eggs and little treasures. Life is just beautiful and I hope your enjoying prosperity and good will. Hope to be photographing you very soon! Cheers!






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